Young & Lusty: the text.

The text.

A few days pass .. They both trying to play it cool ..
Such fools.
If only they knew the feeling’s are more than mutual.
Benny takes initiative during lunch.
Proceeds to send a text.
(Good afternoon beautiful, hope all is well..may your day be half as blessed as you are .. )
Lila stops mid bite and checks her texts … Seeing who it was from send chills down her neck.
She was excited but reluctant..
Didn’t wanna reply too fast.. But she didn’t want to wait either.
She debated with herself, even she couldn’t believe her.
Bitch, I know you not open this fast …
I know, but his vibe just so different than my last ..
If I move too fast.. Will this even last?
Fuck, this hasn’t even got started..
The thought gives her a light panic attack.
Easy killer.. Just text him back.
Start there.
Contemplating her reply,
She smirks.. (Thanks likewise to you handsome, got any plans for tonight?)
Now Lila has no problem being bold,
you gotta go get what you want if you want it,
she were always told.
Under pressure she never fold..
The most, a little curl in her toes.
But that’s under difference circumstances.
His instant reply got her dancing..
(Tonight is great.
Dinner at 8
I’ll come get you, send directions to your place.)
She was open.
His assertiveness got her hoping
He’s just as bold in bed.
Nasty thoughts in her head
She shakes it off..
Finishes her lunch and make a couple calls.
Benny couldn’t stop smiling..
There’s something about her he liked, its like she wasn’t even trying..
Normally women that beautiful are always shy..
He liked her bold action,
he wanted to know why,
Was it the thrill of the chase?
Or she just know he’s a great guy?
Was she trying to save time?
Or was she a belligerent hoe..
He ain’t get that vibe, but you never know.
Either way, he couldn’t wait for tonight..
He rushed through his day,
Lila all on his brain.


A Note from the Lust Goddess.

Come along for the RiDE… Take THE TRiP in MY MiND, and allow me to HYPNOTIZE .. RELAX and UNWiND… listen to my HEARTBEAT and feel a MASSiVE ATTACK. in a COLD war, LOVE VS LUST .. which one can you trust? HONESTLY, its been some TiME and BETWEEN US, I’m MiSSiNG YOU, come play with MY HAiR… the CHEMiSTRY is still there. TONiGHT, my ANXiETY is on HiGH, Bring some iCE .. give me LiFE, So I can feel ViCTORY .. let me TOUCH you and TAP into my PSYCHiC abilities .. It’s like a RAiNFOREST when you on it.. come on DOWN to the GUTTER .. so I can cut the LiGHTS OUT. FUCK ME from dawn to dusk, and dusk to 00-LUST, until my TULiP busts .. I’m GUiLTY on all counts of 1st degree lust.


Young&Lusty: The Meeting.

- Girl that man is old news, and nothing I’m in whole foods.
Picking up a few things before I go home”,
says Lila as she’s on the phone with her best friend Rome.
Strolling down the aisle,
Realizing she’s been there for a while..
– Okay I’ll talk to you later girl, Ciao.
She’s glancing at the frozen foods,
Deciding which dessert fits her mood.
Found it, by this shopping cart she had to move.
She looked up, trying to spot the owner of the cart.
A tap on the shoulder, shocked her heart.
“Sorry about that, that’s my cart in your way”…
She couldn’t speak, he’s as gorgeous as a sunny day.
Quickly she regained her composure.
– Oh that’s fine. No harm done.
He looked at her, imagining all the ways to make her cum.
She was drop dead gorgeous.
If beauty were wealth, she’d be at the top of the Forbes list.
“Excuse me where are my manners, my name is Benny,
Benny Sanders.”
She smiled, making her even more radiant.
– Hello Mr. Sanders, I’m Lila, Lila Payton. Happy to meet your acquaintance..
Shook his hand.
“The pleasure is all mine, hopefully we can get acquainted,
For the rest of your day do you have plans?”
– Well you waste no time Mr. Sanders ..
“Call me Benny.”
– Excuse me, Benny. Today is no good.. But perhaps sometime this week, if you’re free.
She didn’t wanna reveal how eager she felt.
“Well, fine by me, he replied..
I’ma hold you to that.”
As he reached for his cell..
“Can I have your number..
To make sure you get home?” safe
She laughed, sure no thing.
They exchanged numbers..
They both couldn’t wait to use it.
See from the outside looking in,
There was no question.
Those two would end up sexing.
The fire in their eyes, they desperately tried to hide.
Can be seen by anybody with sight.
They said their goodbyes,
Continue to the check out lines
Each with the other on their mind.
‘Damn, s(he)’s fine.’
They thought at the same time.
Lila confused, she hasn’t felt this rush in a while..
Attraction so strong she just might be the first one to dial.
She doesn’t even want to text.
And that’s weird. For her.
And him, speeding down the road
Pulling up to the parking lot in his home.
Images of pleasing her, making her moan.
The attraction she felt, he did too.
Only difference ..
He knew what to do.
He could tell she was different..
Interesting to say the least..
He had a nagging suspicion,
Baby girl was a freak.
He was gonna seek and see.
They might as well have stayed that night together,
they thought of each other til the sun rose again.
Clearly this was already beyond the limits of friends.
And that was just the meeting.


The Young and the Lusty.

A poem-operaMeet Lila.
Lila- feisty single young tender .. Beauty and brains.

Owns a studio overlooking the city works extremely hard as CEO of a marketing company, doesn’t take any shit.
Owns an apple red range rover. Harbors a secret no one knows about.
Meet Benny.
Handsome older bachelor,  lives alone in a penthouse not too far from Lila,
owns an extremely successful publishing company.. owns several luxury cars..
Sweetheart but stern. Harbors his own secret.
Plot; Lila just called it quits with her last play thing. See Lila doesn’t move through love, she’s driven by lust and once it’s gone… So is she. Never considering the feelings of others, she just moves on with her life.. She already has a full plate yet she can’t seem to slow down. Benny, as mysterious as he is handsome, moves in silence. You never see him in action but you know he’s full of it like a Transformer film. Women aren’t a factor, he loves them but from afar.. He doesn’t build with the women he lays with, he just tears down walls as well as the hope these women carry with them.. Blissfully unaware of the damage he causes. Blissfully unaware because his secret doesn’t allow him to acknowledge it.
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“Been trying hard not to get into trouble, but I… I’ve got a war in my mind.. So, I just ride..”

As Lana Del Rey plays in the background,
I stare him down,
tic tock,
counting down.
Then, I start to ride.. I let him inside.
I see the light shine in his eyes,
Reflecting off mine..
Still I just ride…
Go get ‘em cowgirl,
rock your man in his world.
My hips so in tuned with the beat,
My eyes so in tuned with his soul..
He doesn’t want to let go..
And I just, ride..
Oh my, I feel so alive…
So mesmerized..
I clea(red) my mind..
Just in time..
While I just ride..
Grind.. Swirl.
Toes, curled.
It’s just him and I,
In our lusty world.
He couldn’t ask for a better girl.
‘Is it mine?’ Of course it’s yours.
All I want is more…
Of this stallion,
My loving companion..
He’s the reason I can ride..
He never leaves my side.
‘Don’t you dare close your eyes’
I lean in close,
become one with his heart,
For all those moments we’re apart.
Hate when he feels so far..
But right now, he’s close,
Just as close as I like him.
All while I ride….
His hands all in my scalp.
Heavy short breathing..
Perform some mouth to mouth.
Soon as I catch my breath,
I’m on my way and he’s next.
It’s amazing how his touch
gives me chills down my neck..
I’m about to explode,
He’s ready to go.
I don’t want to impose,
Time to lose control..
I finally let go.
Then I just die..
Sigh, how I love the ride.
Every time I die,
I cum back more alive.

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(Can you..) Fuck Me?

It may seem simple..
But you might slip,
Lose your grip.
Cum quick..
No problem I can’t fix.
But can you fuck me?
Can you love me?
Will you judge me?
Or think nothing of it..
I wanna see if you can run it.
Own it.. Make it yours,
Make me your whore.
Grab my neck, pull my hair..
Hit that spot like,
Oooh right there.
I’m flexible with the where,
I already know why..
I seen how you sta(red) intensely at my thighs.
But can you fuck me?
Will I think about it all day?
After I let you have your way..
Will you even stay? ..
Try and go for another round ..
Another attempt to lay me down.
You see I got the crown,
So easy to hold it down.
Just waiting on you to come around ..
I’m hoping you can fuck me,
And just like you..
I’m feeling pretty lucky.
So don’t judge me, I certainly won’t.
My ocean just wants to be swayed by your boat.
I won’t choke, I might moan..
After this,
You might not leave me alone.
You’ll want more, that’s for sure.
Pretend I’m sick for that dick,
Fuck me like you’re the cure.
All I ask is you get it right,
If you don’t, it won’t happen twice..
That’s cool? Cool.
You in the mood?
Now lets see what we both can do.

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He said, I saw a tulip,
.. and it reminded me of you.
“oh is that true?”
—Yeah can you imagine what it made me wanna do?
“no, what?”
— I wrote a poem bout you ..
I smiled so hard, let me hear that.
He pulled out his phone,
scrolled to find his notes app.
He clea(red) his throat,
I straightened my pose.
He inhaled deeply,
and exhaled through his nose.
You as beautiful as a rose ..
Dark and soft.
Eyes so hypnotic I get lost ..
Not as lost as when I’m inside,
Your ocean gets me sea sick ..
Waves coming up and down like a sea saw,
You gotta be mother nature because your sea, I saw.
You make it rain for days ..
Shit, we even had some snowy days ..
And your pussy’s like a tulip ..
That I always want to kiss.
Kiss, kiss.. then I pry my tongue in between your two lips…

That’s as far as he got,
Reading it made him hot ..
But I was hotter ..
Like a volcano expecting eruption ..
I ain’t even have to use my seduction ..
He seduced me,
with his spontaneous,
piece of poetry.
All about me.
Now I’ma make it about him ..
His thrusts hurt so good ..
Like a saint who committed his first sin.
He lifts me up after every win,
He’s always so proud of me ..
But he’s the true motivation,
for every performance..
I love his endurance,
His tuba I blow it.
I’m a one man band ..
He bounce back like rubberbands,
Hands intertwined..
when we outta breath,
perform mouth to mouth,
from time to time..
We’re both tied,
for undefeated champs,
We even got our own little chant ..
You should see how he make me pant ..
And scream ..
His neighbors think he’s mean ..
But his style so clean.
And he’s always on point like a toothpick,
I love it when he do this ..
Uh oh there he go again,
trying to sniff my tulip.

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To blush this hard,
I’m a little too old.
Yet he got my face looking like,
I just came in from the cold,
But it’s the heat from the friction,
And the intensity of our addiction..
To please until we’re ready,
to refill our prescription;
Of lust ..
Trust, it’s always fun.
Our kush blunts and alcoholic doses,
Got me swiftly changing poses.
His love better than a dozen roses..
His strokes paint the appreciation,
And I see his dedication.
We get so high, I say dive.
And he dove,
And like Derrick my soul rose ..
He know I be on my bulls shit,
But never on some bullshit.
His number one, I do this..
Ain’t no one else intruding.
Our bodies so warm, skin so soft.
Even when I’m cold,
he know how to set it off ..
He earned his title as a boss.
Sweeter than applesauce,
Nastier than a bad cough.
He make me feel so warm,
With him.. I’m never lost.
He said even when we’re old ..
My love will forever warm you up when you’re cold.
I’m sold.
Became one with his soul.

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Love vs. Lust.

Love is unconditional..
Love is always there.
Lust will have you lose your breath,
all over a stare.
Lust will intensify as the skin becomes bare…
To feel both is rare.
Lust won’t always turn into love..
But from love,
lust is where it all begun.
Lust is fun ..
Love is won.
We all take some Ls
when it’s all said and done.
Love gets all the praise,
While Lust takes the blame.
The desire’s enough to drive you insane..
Lust with its beautiful flames..
Love so simple and plain.
Yet it’s something we all want to gain…
Meanwhile, Lust gets slain..
Such beautiful pain …
I understand the loss and gains.
They’re both different,
yet somehow the same.
We lust for love, but love the lust.
Tell me which one can you trust?